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Writing An Academic Paper For Publication Nhs Essay Ideas

I work part-time because of my disability, but I have almost 80 articles published, 2 books, and 2 more that are due next year.

Having a good publication track record has opened up many opportunities for me that are generally not available to part-timers.

Often, authors don't know how to handle these and may do nothing for months (or even years).

Here are a couple of ways that you need to deal effectively with them.

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I often characterize publication as half skill, half attitude.

Approach this process with confidence and persistence. Before you write a single sentence, know where your article is going.

So many professionals write the article, and then start shopping for a journal.

Writing is one of the most important skills for you to acquire, whether you are in academics or clinical practice.

Remember, science moves forward via communication among scientists-and articles are the way by which you do this.


  1. There are different ways to write an academic article depending on various.scidev.net/global/publishing/practical-guide/

  2. Some people write the paper first and then look for a 'home' for it, but since. the motivation you'll need to write and publish over the long term.

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  4. The advice offered here will help you write a successful research paper you will be proud to submit for publication to an academic or scientific.

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