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Write Clear Concise Essay

The first steps in writing concisely overall begin as soon as the project starts, when you narrow down your topic to the thesis statement, story you want to ​tell, or message you need to convey.Before you even start drafting, you may sketch out ideas, necessary avenues of research, or plot points.

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With a longer work, it's useful to take a step back and compare the thesis statement and outline to the draft.Focus on the substance of what you're trying to say through writing, first and foremost of all.Repetition, unnecessary words, use of meaningless jargon, and use of pompous or over-the-top sentences and phrases are the main culprits behind redundancy in writing.The cutting can continue throughout composing the first draft (and beyond).Get through that first draft, composing your main points.Do you have sections, points, examples, or paragraphs that stray from your topic? Will the reader still understand your point without them? Then decide whether they should become actual cuts." Example: The ability of the different bird species to eat seeds depends on beak style and shape. The beak needs to be powerful enough to break seeds, and those that eat mainly fruit or leaves may not be able to eat seeds due to their types and shapes of beak.We often meet large-scale cutting with reluctance, so it softens the blow to have a "cuttings" document. The work is still there if you feel later you need some bits of it, but it's not slowing down or cluttering up the paper you're refining. This is where eliminating some tangents before drafting really pays dividends. You can shake out the dead leaves later.• Cut any passage that does not support your focus.• Cut the weakest quotations, anecdotes, and scenes to give greater power to the strongest.• Cut any passage you have written to satisfy a tough teacher or editor rather than the common reader.• Don't invite others to cut. Reworded fix: Whether different bird species can eat seeds depends on their beak style.But, be that as it may, when we for the first time brought her into our house about six years ago, she was positively microscopic.Allison, for the most part, liked to hide in impossible spaces (if only because she could): between the fridge and the china cabinet, behind the open front door and entrance (flanking the umbrellas), under the coffee table, behind the sofa, her hairs ruining the bejesus out of the living room carpet."Delete those words and characters in bold and you have a passage that reads more swiftly and gracefully.There will sometimes be a strong tendency for most of us to clutter up our writing, with a host of unnecessary words or phrases in the text.This is especially true when writing to a set word count perhaps, in which sometimes a little "padding" will assist.


  1. Oct 23, 2018. Concise writing keeps the reader engaged and doesn't waste his time with. sections that aren't necessary to the goal of the article, essay, report, or story. ​. And concise sentences are often more clear than wordy ones.

  2. Jul 2, 2018. Learn the ins and outs of concise writing, and make every word count. Reading a concisely written essay, with fewer words, is better than slogging. Also, don't write, “It is clear the stock market will crash,” when you can.

  3. Aug 28, 2019. As a result, a common challenge to writing college-level research papers is expressing your thoughts clearly by utilizing language that.

  4. Tips for writing concisely include expressing as much as possible without. of a story or essay, using too many can make a piece of writing seem verbose, over. I believe writings are more descriptive when the point is short, clear and concise.

  5. Apr 7, 2010. Brilliant writing is simple writing, a relevant idea delivered clearly and directly. Here are 11. When you have nothing to say, you are forced to write sentences that sound meaningful but deliver nothing. Very concise and packed with valuable tidbits. This stuff is what I teach my essay writing students.

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