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Working Stress Thesis

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Work place pressure is growing day by day, people face changing economic and business situations, changing customer expectations and changing expectations from their own role and position in the organization (Moten, 2009).

Therefore, there are three issues that arise in considering effect of job-related stress on individual organizations and the economy in general which are: how should work-related stress be specified, what determines its presence at the workplace and what is its importance as a predictor of individuals’ behavior?

Stressful working situations and conditions, arising from any of above mentioned factors, can directly or indirectly effect on job performance of the employee.

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Jobs are physically easier, but the workers now take home worries instead of an aching back-Homer Bigart, New York Times.

However, the health effects of job stress on chronic diseases are more difficult to see as chronic diseases take a long time to develop and can be influenced by factors other than stress.

Nonetheless, evidence suggests that stress is responsible for several types of chronic health problems—especially cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, and psychological disorders.

All the good organizations take necessary concern and exerciseextreme care and foresightwith reference to job stress.

So they, in their own larger interest, take very good care of their employees, value them, invest in them and work extra mile to cope their problems and fulfill their needs.


  1. Methodology This thesis has been made using qualitative approach, with a descriptive and. Melchior et al. 2007, p.2 Work stress can affect employees.

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