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Women Change The World Essay

When FH began a few arts and crafts classes in the community in 2014, however, staff quickly noticed Alba’s admirable artistic talent and creativity.

Without a doubt, she had been given a gift from God and learned the designs quickly.

Naoi has become an ambassador for among peers and has been able to triple her income!

In Burundi, Uwimana Marie Laetitia and her family work hard to sieve beans–holding large baskets in the sunlight as the beans dry.

Three women from the Ilbarok Village in Kenya hold hands at a demo of the new farm.

Thanks to the support received from FH Kenya and partner organizations, the women of Ilbarok have adopted agricultural business as a more dependable alternative to pastoralism.

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Through her involvement in a savings group and growing her own vegetables, Mrs.When you sponsor a child, you give her the means to have an education, food, clean water, health care, and the opportunity to grow in Christian community.As FH works in her community to graduate it from extreme poverty into self-sustainability, you get the chance to see lives transformed and develop a 1:1 relationship with her!Even more, Marcelina is a Cascade Group mother volunteer, training other mothers on exactly what she has learned!This year, the UN theme is: “A balanced world is a better world.In our nearly 50 years of work in the developing world, we’ve seen that when women are empowered, everything changes.By equipping women with training and tools for their own development, entire communities can break the cycle of poverty.In 1872, to challenge suffrage, Anthony tried to vote in the 1872 Presidential election.While Anthony was never able to legally vote, the 19th amendment, ratified in 1920, was named the “Susan B. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive a medical degree from an American medical school, after overcoming several odds against her – including admittance to an all-male institution and financing medical school. Marie Zakrzewska, and her sister Emily, who also became a doctor, she opened the New York Infirmary for Women and Children in 1856.When communities celebrate women’s contributions and recognize their God-given value, poverty doesn’t stand a chance.These two women are caught in laughter in this photo near a market stand in Uganda, tomatoes in hand.


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