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Whitman College Application Essay

Bratton restored the relationships that Clemen had damaged; when Bratton retired, in 1942, he was celebrated for his success at managing internal affairs.

In the midst of the crisis of World War II, Whitman selected Rollins College Dean Winslow Samuel Anderson (d. Anticipating the enrollment challenges facing the college, Anderson, with the help of Whitman’s most influential alumnus, Supreme Court Justice William O.

While at Waiilatpu, Eells determined to establish a “monument” to his former missionary colleagues in the form of a school for pioneer boys and girls.

Eells obtained a charter for Whitman Seminary, a pre-collegiate academy, from the Washington territorial legislature.

Following the model of New England colleges such as Williams, college curricula were developed, the school purchased its first few library books, and classes began with 60 students on September 4 -- Marcus Whitman’s birthday.

Near the beginning of Greater Whitman, to gain broader support, the college ended its affiliation with the Congregational Church and became “undenominational.” Near the end of this campaign, Whitman closed its academy and fraternities and sororities became part of the college.Whitman College began as Whitman Seminary, a pre-collegiate academy for pioneer boys and girls.Cushing Eells (1810-1893) obtained the first charter for the school in 1859, to memorialize his missionary colleagues Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, who had been killed in 1847.From the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, he acquired the Whitman mission site.Eells soon moved to the site with his family and began working to establish Whitman Seminary.A wood-frame building was quickly erected and classes began later that year.The school’s first principal, local Congregational minister Peasly B.In 1882, with support from the Congregational American College and Education Society, Whitman College began offering curricula at the college level.In 1907, the college became an independent school and began seeking broader financial support.Despite Eells’s desire to locate Whitman Seminary at the Whitman mission site and his donation of more than half of the site’s land to the school, local pressure and resources provided a way for the school to open in Walla Walla, a town that had began to take form in late 1859.In 1866, Walla Walla’s wealthiest denizen, merchant Dorsey Syng Baker (1823-1888), donated land near his home.


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