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We Are Becoming Increasingly Dependent On Computer Essay Cover Letter Cold Calling

At the present time = we use present simple with this so you can't say "has beome""Because, students easily can calculate mathematical questions".= don't do this as it is a "fragment" i.e. Hi I would like someone to correct my essay and to mark this please :)The new generation of children have computers and they become dependent since they are young.It has a consequence on reading and writing skills that is why professors should teach without computers.It is hard for the teachers to look at all the students if they are not on Facebook or anything, they can’t be focused on their teaching.Students will always wirte on Word and it will correct the mistakes so it is not a good idea for their writing.

To conclude, in my opinion, students should use computers but only in particular academic.Teachers need to avoid using computers in the classroom at all costs and go back to teaching basic study skills. There is no doubt that almost every field has developed significantly over the past few decades and it is visiable in the field of education.At present time, modern technology has became in our system of study.One of the main good point is students can acces to the internet than other communication systems.Secondly, no one can deny that internet has opened students way of learning a new world.In many countries students can use computers in their classrooms and they have no to copy notes by hand in the blackboard, because the teacher gives them a photocopy.As a result, both teachers and students are losing their ability to think by themselves.On the other hand, before thinking about drawbacks of the computers people should more pay attention to advantages of computer for people.Computer have disadvantages as well as more benefits.First of all, many young students are using computers in their classroom and at the same time they are becoming the internet (than other communication systems - I don't understand how this fits here)Secondly, no one can deny that the internet has opened students way of learning to a new world.It is clearly seen that students do not have to wait for a book that has already been booked by other students. Thirdly, as many people have claimed that, how effects of computer good or bad it depends to how people use computers beneficial or futile.(I can't really correct this as I'm not sure what you mean - the grammar errors make it very confusing) For instance, computers can be used to rob banks teachers should avoid using computers in the classroom and at the same time they should have more social and emotional knowledge.(don't put new ideas in a conclusion - you have not mentioned this 'social and emotional knowledge' before)==================================================Your writing is also very mixed - you have some parts that are ok, but at times your writing is very confusing.


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