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Waves Of Destruction Essay Diana Hacker Sample Research Paper

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On the other hand, you could write a thesis statement that you then go on to disprove in the body; if your subject is actually about tsunamis (often incorrectly referred to as tidal waves) you could write a paper about the destructive capabilities of both, and how they compare; this would be an interesting paper because of the common media misinterpretation of tsunami as tidal wave when there are no tidal forces involved.

Your thesis statement could read: "Tidal waves from the ocean often cause great destruction." You could then go on to cite examples that show how it is actually tsunamis that cause great destruction, thus disproving your thesis while still making the central point.

There are many causes of tsunamis such as landslides, volcanoes, eruptions, and explosions, but the most common cause are earthquakes. However, in order for a disturbance to generate a tsunami, the disturbance must occur underneath or near the ocean, be extremely large, and cause movement in the seafloor.

"The relationship between earthquakes and tsunamis has been known for more than 2,000 years – ever since the Greek historian Thucydides connected an Aegean Tsunami in 426 B. When earthquakes occur a plate usually plunges dow...

Once unleashed, these natural disasters could become deadly.

One of nature's tremendous natural disasters is the great waves of the mighty ocean.

Although these natural disasters are not as common as others, people need to be aware that Tsunamis can be very devastating and destructive, more so than tornados or other storms.

From a sociological perspective, the media plans and organizes what the world should hear and know.

"Those deaths are mostly invisible to us, and those people died one at a time.

As it was clearly stated by Johnson, "What happens when the camera crews go home?

" (Globe and Mail, Jan 4, 2005) The media has become an institutionalized necessity with the western culture.


  1. One of nature's tremendous natural disasters is the great waves of the mighty. to educate themselves on how tsunamis are formed, the destruction they can.

  2. However, when tsunami waves become extremely large in height, they savagely attack coastlines, causing devastating property damage and loss of life. A small.

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