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Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Sample Questions

Practise helps to increase your confidence, gives you a chance to learn from your mistakes in a risk-free environment, and can reduce stress before an exam.The best place to get advice on taking a critical thinking tests is the test publisher's website, for example this one for the Watson Glaser.

All the information you need to answer the questions will be in the test.

The five sections are explained in more detail here: If a watson glaser critical thinking test is used in the early stages of the application process it's likely to be used as a screening tool.

This puts some pressure on candidates to meet a minimum pass mark, which will allow them to be selected to go on to the next stage of the selection process.

Critical thinking has become an essential skill required by most job roles today.

Employers want to know that employees will be able to make logical decisions, only taking into account the facts, without being distracted by his/her own emotions or the emotions of others.


  1. Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Sample Questions. The questions offered on this page serve as examples of the materials found in our Watson-Glaser practice.

  2. Free Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal test to practice online. Click here. The questions will be multiple choice format and will usually be administered under time constraints. Critical. Try a free Example Critical Thinking Test below.

  3. Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Preparation Package. BEST VALUE - SAVE over. various managerial positions. Here you can find some example questions.

  4. What is the Watson Glaser critical thinking test? Find out how it works, and learn from example questions and tips.

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