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Watson Critical Thinking Skills Test

For this reason, it’s important to avoid making assumptions in the working world.Assumptions are made quite often when constructing arguments.

By this, we mean that you won’t need to revise a case study or enter with prior knowledge of the role you’re applying for any wider knowledge about the working world.

However, if an argument sounds suspicious, imprecise, or poorly supported, then you’ll need to figure out why and identify it.

This is the role of the critical thinker both during debates and everyday life.

Think about which of the claims are required to be true in order for the initial claim to also be true. Here are the answers: Claim 1: There will be no ducks at the point. Explanation: In order to only see swans at the pond, there must be no other birds.

For each claim, you will have to say whether they are assumptions made by the statement (YES), or that they aren’t implied by the statement (NO). Since ducks are a kind of bird, their presence at the point would mean you’d see them as well as swans.


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  3. This Critical Thinking test measures your ability to think rationally and analytically. This test contains 20 questions and there is a time limit of 40 seconds per.

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