Vellacott Essay

The Howard Society is a biology society run by Sixth Form students.

The society aims to enthuse and engage pupils interested in pursuing future careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science or biology.

Meetings often include a discussion of various topics from beyond the curriculum, such as current-affairs, logical problems or ethical debates.

The Pelicans are the academic award holders in the Lower School.Charlemagne is still revered in France and Germany and has been adopted by the EU as a symbol for pan-Europeanism.However, Rupert felt that Charlemagne did not deserve the accolade, arguing that the epithet was nothing more than “a piece of court flattery at the time” after conducting in-depth research into the subject.Sixth Form historians also present papers at the society.Keegan, after whom the Society is named, was an eminent military historian and former pupil of King's.The Society exists to promote discussion and lively debate about a wide range of historical matters.Meetings have been addressed by a variety of outside speakers in recent years, including leading historians Sir John Keegan and Richard Holmes, and ancient historian, Boris Johnson.Gatherings are held once or twice every half term, with the final meeting of term traditionally being a pizza party.Meetings may take the form of a short talk, activity or presentation, or even a puzzle evening, pub quiz, or mathematically-themed theatre trip.Rupert and Ethan both won awards in the Vellacott Essay Prize, organised by Peterhouse, while Francoise triumphed in the Newnham College Essay Prize.Rupert discussed whether Charlemagne deserved to be viewed as ‘the Father of Europe’, having united much of western Europe into the Holy Roman Empire in the early 9th Century.


  1. James Phelan Year 12 has been named as one of fifteen winners in the Peterhouse Vellacott Essay Competition, one of the most prestigious national essay.

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