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During your candidature, you will be reading through a lot of papers and articles.It is important that you maintain a proper and complete bibliography.It is good to read what the examiners of a thesis are asked to look at.Thesis Submission From time to time there are requirements for reports (such as the annual school research reports, reports to sponsors or funding agencies) and presentations (research day, invited presentations) etc.

Management of codes/data/papers is of utmost importance and you should structure your folders well.It is best to let us know in advance when you intend to send the draft so that we can plan things better. All presentation material generated should comply with MDO Template Beamer Template MDO.As for presentations, you can have them as PPT or PDF’s.The standard prototyping tool used within our research group is MATLAB.Keep codes clean and provide comments for future understanding.There is also a Linux cluster with 1 6 nodes available for multiruns Cluster.Here is how to fire multiruns in the cluster Multirun..We do not encourage submission to abstract/ extended abstract reviewed conferences.It is important that you seek early feedback on your work via peer review and incorporate them to avoid unpleasant surprises in your thesis examination report.We assess the quality of a proposal to get indicators of ones ability to comprehend research literature, critical thinking and communication skills. You can download a standard IEEE Paper Template for Latex and use it for your report.If you are not familiar with La Tex, install Tex Live and Te Xnic Center and learn it how to use and generate documents in La Tex. If you need us to revise your drafts, it is preferable that you send us the and . Please allow appropriate time for us to look though.


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  2. List of Mechanical Engineering Final Year Projects Mechanical Final Year. on Final Year Research Thesis Faculty of Engineering, UNSW 28/04/10 Introduction. for thesis assessment are utilised to form an expert database. tech student.

  3. UNSW Engineering is Australia's largest and highest ranked engineering faculty. Mechanical Design 2, professional electives, Thesis. Career opportunities.

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