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Thesis Viva Presentation

As a matter of fact, avoiding such mistakes shows your formality and politeness.

Hence, your introduction is expected before the title of your presentation.

For that, you have to summarize each section of your thesis on different pieces of paper and revise them as many times as possible.

You have to be very much familiar with whom you have cited in your dissertation.

Since you are going to face an examiner during the viva, you have to find out who is going to examine you beforehand.

If they are your teachers it might be relatively easier for you but if they are strangers you have to do some research about them prior to facing them.

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For example, they might ask you what inspired you to do research on the topic of your research topic.Reading whatever you have written is not what viva voce expects of you.It rather requires you to show the compatibility between your dissertation and what is in your mind.For example, when you are using a projector, you have to organize the slides.In the first slide, it is best to give your introduction and the topic of your presentation.You never know when your examiners ask you questions.Hence, while preparing for your viva, you have to anticipate queries and be prepared to answer them accordingly.In this case, students need to have technical knowledge of those tools by repeatedly handling them.One of the biggest common problems is that some students skip their introduction and forget to thank the audience for attending.Likewise, students often fail to complete their presentation within the allocated time.If they lack confidence in their work, they often rush the presentation and end up giving unnecessary focus on some sections and missing other important points.


  1. Jan 8, 2015. Now it's time to plan for the next hurdle a viva. 2 Re-read your thesis – and keep up-to-date with research. men, cheerfully tells the story of a very nervous candidate who was presenting her thesis on something to do with.

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