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Thesis Study Abroad

Being exposed to different ways of life brings a new perspective, even in the American culture.Not only will this experience be educationally beneficial throughout college, upon graduating studying abroad mentally prepares students to take on any obstacle that lies in their way.Students will also benefit socially from studying abroad due to the independence traveling internationally brings someone.Traveling abroad will make sure students will be more independent and mature than when they left.When thinking about eligibility for funds think about your Major (Plan II Honors), your College (Liberal Arts), and your University (UT Austin); if you are pursuing a second Major in Liberal Arts or a dual degree through another College addition to Plan II, you may have access to additional funding through that Major/College.Next, some study abroad funds are specific to a particular study abroad program, type of program (i.e., exchange, semester-long, maymester, faculty-led, internship), geographic location, or may target students who meet a particular demographic criteria (i.e., first generation, hometown).The two Plan II Maymester Programs each award credit for one Junior Seminar course.

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The Meredith College Study Abroad Fashion Program has much to offer and exploring Paris, France enriches the fashion experience.Due to programs that fit every major, studying abroad attainable for each student.Blake Elmore, a junior at Meredith College, talked about how studying abroad with the Meredith College Fashion Program in Paris, France benefited her: “I was able to immerse myself in a completely different culture, contributing to my appreciation and understanding of cultures other than my own” (Elmore).Exposure to international countries will allow college students the incredible experience of traveling.It also makes students aware of the way others work on a day-to-day basis.The best way to get started is to visit the International Office's Study Abroad website, a wealth of information is posted here designed to educate students on the many options so they are empowered and informed.Students can search programs by country, program length, language of instruction or area of study.Second and third year are by far the most common times for Plan II students to study abroad.Occasionally a fourth year student will go abroad, but working out the timing of the Plan II thesis project as well as getting course credits from abroad posted to a student's record in time for graduation can be tricky.Students can also find resources to help them define their goals and fund their abroad experience.Plan II has a travel grant fund that we use to partially support our students’ study abroad endeavors.


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