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Thesis On Waste Management In Ghana Essay On Stress Of Modern Life

These receptacles include polythene bags, propylene sacks, metal bins, and disposing waste into pits dug at the back of the house [10].

According to [11], in the Accra Metropolis, solid waste was stored in polythene bags, cardboard boxes, and old buckets, which was quite prevalent in both the low and middle-income areas and the standard plastic containers were prevalent in the high-income neighbourhoods.

The study systematically sampled houses from which 400 households and respondents were randomly selected.

The processing and consumption of these food items generate a lot of organic waste in the home.

Various studies have shown major sources of solid waste in urban Ghana in an order of domestic, commercial (including institutions), and industrial, respectively [4, 7–10].

The domestic sources include single family and multiple families and low, medium, and high apartments dwellings.

They store their solid waste in an open old basket or even put them on the ground before disposal [1, 2].

Means of solid waste collection is another critical component of waste management which results in the passage of waste materials from the source of production to either the point of treatment or final disposal site [13].


  1. Solid waste management problems were partly the results of AMA's inability to. This is very pertinent in Ghana where waste management services are. A dissertation submitted to the Department of Sociology, University of Ghana, Legon.

  2. Most of the concern for waste management in Ghana is with the urban areas than the rural areas. Urban areas in Ghana produce a variety of waste.

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