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The Best American Essays 2006 Themes

At the beginning of the film, Lester Burnham realizes that despite the dire nature of his current state, it is still possible for him to become happy once again.Slowly - and then with growing intensity - he begins to pursue happiness by paying close attention to his true desires, and ignoring the screeching dictates of society (as embodied by his wife, Carolyn).He recently joined the advisory boards of The North American Network of Cities of Refuge, the Sacred Land Film Project, Living with Wolves, and Portland's Literary Arts.______________________ Left to right, Juanita Pahdopony, Comanche tribal chairman Wallace Coffey, BL, Kim Winkleman, President of Comanche Nation College, and James Brink and Jon Whitmore of Texas Tech University, at the time Vice-Provost and President, respectively.On September 9, 2007, the President and a Vice-Provost of Texas Tech University, together with a small group of representatives from the Texas Tech University community, including Barry Lopez and artist Richard Rowland, made a formal offer of reconciliation between the University, which stands on former Comanche land, and the Comanche Nation. All of the characters are engaged in the pursuit of happiness, although they have very different ideas about what happiness is and how to find it.This is one of the qualities that truly make a film about the modern American experience: if being American means having the intrinsic right to the pursuit of happiness, why is the "typical" American so deeply unhappy?

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A recent issue, Where the Rivers Meet: New Writing from Australia, was guest edited by Australians Larissa Behrendt, a novelist, lawyer, and member of the Eualayai and Kammillaroi nations of northwest New South Wales, and Mark Tredinnick, a poet, essayist, and writing teacher living in Sydney, and by BL and Frank Stewart.The water for the ceremony was borrowed from a part of the Ogallala aquifer that lies beneath traditional Comanche country, land on which the University now stands.At a signal from Chairman Coffey, the singers and drummers began a song and those holding the pitchers began slowly pouring water into the pots.She believes that by pursuing success she is pursuing happiness, but in reality she is merely attempting to dampen her own misery over the wreckage of her marriage and the narrowness of her life.Her daughter Jane, in contrast, is completely immersed in her misery.BL asked four University representatives, each one holding a similar clay pitcher full of local groundwater, to join the veterans at the cardinal points.The clay vessels, designed and built by artist Richard Rowland, were created from material that lies exposed in a narrow canyon on the eastern edge of Texas’s Llano Estacado, the site of a catastrophic loss for Comanche people.Here on September 29, 1874, more than a thousand horses stolen from the Comanche were shot and killed by troops of the Fourth United States Cavalry.BL and Richard Rowland dug clay and gathered other materials for the vessels at the site and fired them in an anagama kiln, using wood from several places in Texas and Oklahoma.Comanche drummers, singers, and dancers purified the ceremonial grounds prior to opening remarks from Chairman Coffey and by President Jon Whitmore and Vice-Provost Jim Brink.Following a statement about uniting in a common cause with the Comanche Nation, delivered by BL on behalf of the University, four members of the Comanche Indian Veterans Association were asked by Chairman Coffey to select an empty clay pot from a ceremonial table and to take up a position at one of the ceremonial grounds’ four cardinal points.


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