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Term Paper Evolution Creative Writing Class High School

This paragraph contains some vocabulary you may need to look up — but will be very helpful when you look at the Methods section later!The fourth paragraph addresses another hypothesis to explain the preferential egg-laying.

If there is something in the introduction that you don't understand, you can look up the reference associated with that idea to find out more.

If the paper doesn't explain it soon, you'll need to look that up as well.

The order of authors usually reflects the distribution of the workload.

This gets at the idea of evolutionary stability — the ability of a particular trait or set of traits (in this case, the traits associated with the mutualism between figs and their pollinators) to be maintained for millions of years, despite all the random mutations that might be more advantageous for an individual and allow the organisms to evolve a different set of traits.

The second paragraph explains the basic biology of figs' pollination by wasps — and why this mutualism might be evolutionarily unstable: "Trees need to produce both wasps and seeds for the mutualism to persist, but natural selection should favour wasps that exploit the maximum number of fig ovules in the short term, resulting in a conflict of interest between wasp and tree." The third paragraph explains more about fig fruits and wasp egg-laying, as well as hypotheses to explain these observations.


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