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Management Plan 10.1 Organization chart functional 10.2 Organization chart by person (dollar weighted also) 10.3 Projected growth of organization 10.4 Missing management skills 10.5 Personnel plan including compensation 10.6 Compensation table including salary, benefits, short term incentive comp, long term incentive comp, something special 10.7 Comparison with competition 10.8 Management philosophy 10.9 Internal management communication plan 11.Financial plan 11.1 Current funding 11.2 Cash on hand and runway 11.3 Assumptions 11.4 Break even analysis 11.5 Projected income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows 11.6 Current and project business ratios 11.8 Projected valuations 12.Company Summary 2.1 Founders 2.2 Company history 2.3 Ownership (cap table) 2.4 Legal entity description 2.5 Company locations 3.Products, Services 3.1 Product description 3.2 Service description 3.3 Prototype, working model, website 3.4 Unique selling advantages, competitive advantages 3.5 Competitive products, services 3.6 Comparison of products, services v competitive products, services 4.0 Market Analysis 4.1 Market description 4.2 Market segmentation 4.3 Targeted market segment 4.4 Market trends, growth 4.5 Market buying pattern, sales process 4.6 Competition 4.7 Competitor’s historic trends 4.8 Market communication channels (web based in particular) 5.0 Strategy, Implementation 5.1 Value proposition, pain point, problem being solved 5.2 Competitive advantages being delivered (duplicated above) 5.3 Positioning statement 5.4 Pricing strategy 5.5 Promotion strategy (using market communication channels noted above) 5.6 Marketing program 5.7 Sales strategy 5.8 Sales tools 5.9 Sales forecast 5.10 Sales force, staffing, supervision 5.11 Sales force compensation, incentive compensation 5.12 Critical sales benchmarks and milestones 5.13 Sales reporting 6.0 Technology Employed 6.1 Technology being sold, if any 6.2 Technology employed in delivering product (website, etc) 6.3 Shelf life of technology 6.4 Critical technology personnel in organization 6.5 Proprietary technology 7.0 Internet Strategy, Implementation 7.1 Web presence 7.2 Social media strategy, presence 7.3 Analytics (feedback) 8.0 Critical Skills 8.1 Top management skills 8.2 Critical skills baked into the product, service 8.3 Critical marketing skills (including sales) 8.4 Critical technology skills 8.5 Critical skills currently missing within the organization 9.0 Strategic Alliances 9.1 Strategic alliances current 9.2 Strategic alliances future 9.3 Strategic alliances currently missing within organization 10.Back in the day, business plans used to be made in long hand rather than shorthand.There is nothing wrong with abbreviated planning while an entrepreneur, founder focuses on the hypothesis or the idea or the product. Arguably this can carry you through seed funding (bootstrapping, friends & family, angels, syndicated angels seed funding might be the way you see it through).Culture 12.1 Values 12.2 Assignment of responsibility 12.3 Employment practices (by reference) 12.4 Culture talismans 12.5 Culture celebrations 13.

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An extremely large opportunity comes along but its clear from negotiations that it is impossible to win the deal within the current margin target.

Management decides to approve a heavy discount that makes the deal profitable but goes against the strategy of negotiating better margins.

At the end of the day, the most important thing — once you have the product market fit and a few customers — is to RUN the damn business. A good Business Plan is just an orderly expression of a lot of important issues organized in some coherent manner which allows others to see your Vision and Mission and Strategy converted into a rational, logical, coherent, organized plan which is typically presented in some temporal progression.

While there is no “gold standard”, there is an outline which can be useful.


  1. Tips for Tactical Business Marketing Plan. Disregarding the key piece of the marketing by striving to finish vital errands, for example, setting promotions and building sites may appear to be compelling.

  2. Tactical planning is developed by a small business owner or management team who deals with getting the work done to carry out the strategic plan. They draw up a tactical plan that will deal with.

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