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Stress On Teenagers Essay

Arguments with younger siblings are normal, but sometimes, they can make teens feel worse about themselves.They may feel inferior to their younger siblings, or they may end up resenting them because they seem to have it easier in life.

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We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future.With drugs infiltrating many neighborhoods across the country, it's no surprise some teens feel stressed about drugs.Peer pressure to try drugs and alcohol are everywhere, and the fight to say no seems so difficult when everyone around them says their social life depends on it.Talk to a guidance counselor, your mother, father, or another trusted adult.If you have no one to talk to, call one of the teen crisis lines listed on the Palo Alto Medical Foundation website.When arguments happen or a teen feels awkward around peers, it's normal to feel sad or anxious. They need to keep up a certain image within their social group.It's hard to make it into the "in" group, but it can be even harder to stay in it.Most parents don't realize teenagers can become just as stressed as adults can. They believe that no one really understands how they feel, and they don't know what to do about it.Understanding the causes of stress can help teens see that there isn't anything wrong with them, and motivate them to seek help to lower their stress levels.If you've been under stress for a year of more, it can feel as though you'll never feel relief.The good news is that most of the stressors you have now as a teen will go away.


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