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Snow Cone Business Plan

But if you take a deeper look, you’ll discover that shaved ice is actually a profitable little niche market.In this post, we will break out some different scenarios and factors that go into determining the annual profits of a shaved ice business.There are lessons to be learned, whether they are running a snow cone operation or pet sitting, or any other entrepreneurial activity that young people can do," she said. Lots of people come here and they're creating their own jobs." Referencing Venture Asheville, the entrepreneurship initiative spearheaded by Josh Dorfman, Cramer said Huffman and other young, budding entrepreneurs might benefit from participating in local entrepreneurial events like 1 Million Cups of Coffee."I think it's wonderful and I hope more kids will look for entrepreneurial activities," Cramer said."It took about two months," Huffman said, noting Scott Metcalf, who works as a building code plan reviewer for the city of Asheville, helped him understand what was required to open and operate his business.Robert Huffman said he initially questioned whether his son would be able to pull it all off in time for opening day. You don't see many 18-year-old kids trying to open their own business.

The rising college freshman said the most difficult part of getting the business up and running so far has been navigating the permitting process.

"About three years ago, he started an online business selling headphones.

It didn't last very long, but he sold several of them and he got the website all put together.

ASHEVILLE – Ian Huffman has been too busy trying to open his business to decide which college he will attend this fall.

However, before the 18-year-old chooses whether he will study business at UNC Chapel Hill or UNC Wilmington, Huffman will be getting hands-on experience being the boss — something many of his peers will not get to do at their summer jobs.


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