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Sexual Assault Essay Conclusion Essential Questions In Research Papers

For example, according to CBC News, a student at the University of Brandon in Canada, who was recently attempting to access services for sexual violence, was pressured to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prohibited her from talking to anyone outside of the university other than a counselor about her sexual assault.

First, we must recognize that universities’ interest and students’ interest are not mutually exclusive.

Policy evaluation and revision need to be done annually, and the results of such annual re-evaluations should be made available to the university and the wider community as a whole.

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Second, universities need to use the latest academic research about sexual violence.Over the years, I have found myself referring students to services and polices for sexual violence that, in the end, are insufficient.Countless news stories echo the difficulty students have had gaining access to adequate services and policies.Despite this access to knowledge, however, institutional policies and practices continue to be developed without meaningful attention to and incorporation of the body of research on sexual violence prevention and best practices.This is particularly salient when it comes to policies and services aimed at the intersections of race, sexual orientation, and gender.Third, include qualified faculty members, students, administrators and community members to construct, evaluate and revise sexual assault policies and protocols.Universities tend to have faculty members who study sexual violence, and/or the intersections among race, sexual orientation and gender.Currently, universities keep much of that information private or invoke a form of plausible deniability by not collecting adequate data because they are worried that public disclosure of sexual violence statistics will sully their reputation and dissuade potential students.But if universities are serious about addressing the silence and stigma around sexual violence, they need to start by being transparent.For instance, while not always, university policies and services on sexual violence in North America tend to be more responsive to educated middle-class woman who have the social and cultural capital required to navigate the bureaucracy of sexual violence reporting protocols and services.Thus, people without these forms of cultural capital are left vulnerable when failed by the university policies that are inadequate in addressing diverse student bodies.


  1. Jul 28, 2017. In many cases, their sexual assault policies are largely constructed in. In conclusion, universities need to step up, be proactive, and start.

  2. Sexual harassment is not a joke. While to some it may seem like harmless jokes or horseplay, it deprives others of dignity and equality. Victims of sexual.

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  4. Jun 7, 2007. Conclusion. Sexual assault and violence against women in general have often been only characterised as "private experiences". This means.

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