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Sample Preschool Business Plan Obasan Essay Themes

If you are starting a preschool business, you need to address these topics and others like the following: To qualify for bank lending or private investments, there should be in-depth discussion of risk management strategies.Playgroups get intense scrutiny from government agencies responsible for ensuring childcare facilities are operated according to the law.There are players who have done brisk business like Zeekids, Roots2Wings, Little Millenium, Bachpan, Treehouse, Hello Kids, Shemrock Feathers, Kangaroo Kids, Birla, Euro Kids, Little Fingers, Globe Toters, Eager Beavers, Jumbo Kids, Makoons, Wonderkids, Blossoms etc. There has been an incredible adoption of the concept at both the levels The sector can operate as a private enterprise thus clearing it from the issue of starting a Not for profit trust or a society.The business itself comes with very light baggage in terms of investment – Low Franchise fee and Low infrastructure cost encouraging lot of entrepreneurs to start.If you can make peace with all the above, this business is here to stay and growing.I run a school called Brighton International School (Besides that this is what Company’s representative shall tell you in the sales pitch – Doesn’t matter what business you start, till the time you can manage your expectation from it, you will stay happy.For this business also, one has to realise their are issues with scalability, sharing of royalty, low shelf life of customer, low intellect workforce requirement, costs always under stress due to low entry barrier by the competition etc.

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A well written preschool business plan serves as an operating plan and documentation for funding or lending requests.

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Every locality now houses more than one Pre School and with every vacation going by you see the number increasing.

A small concept of creche has taken shape of a formidable business called Preschool.


  1. Open your own nursery for pre-school aged children by using this professional business plan for all child care facilities.

  2. Preschools are increasingly important to parents who are concerned about preparing children early for long-term school success. Consequently, the need for.

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