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Sample Comparison Essay Human Development Research Paper Topics

There are so many possible compare and contrast essay topics, and some of them are hard to carry out.Before you start, it is crucial to choose topics that you really know well.

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It must set a great foundation for research, since this type of writing demands facts!

That’s where most students get confused and fail to complete a persuasive paper.

Remember: it’s not just about finding the similarities or contrasting two subjects; it’s mostly about convincing the reader with strong argumentation.

Hopefully, we helped you get inspired on how to pick a topic and develop a strong argument for your compare and contrast essay.

Remember: if you struggle with this format, you can always hire a professional writer or editor to help.


  1. Hamlet Essay Comparison of Gertrude and Ophelia - Hamlet – a Comparison of Gertrude and Ophelia Even though at opposite ends of the courtly society in the halls of Elsinore, the characters of Gertrude and Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet have much in common. This essay intends to explore that commonality.

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