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Rudy Giuliani Essay

I guess if I had known the outcome, that Mueller would not conclude it quickly, that this really wasn’t an attempt in good faith to try to work out some resolution to this, I might have chosen a different strategy, I’m pretty sure they would have.

But, be that as it may, it puts us in a very strong position to say we don’t -- they don’t need to question him. They -- (CROSSTALK) TODD: Why is that -- how is that, actually, doesn’t this put you in a position of now it looks like you’re afraid of being questioned?

They didn’t know she was a representative of the Russian government and indeed, she’s not a representative of the Russian government. Plus, the president of the United States wasn’t at that meeting. He found out about it after and by the time he found out about it, it was nothing. TODD: Let me go back to the core part of the investigation, which is do you believe that somebody stole emails from John Podesta and the DNC and leaked them to Wiki Leaks? Do you believe that that happened, that crime happened? So, the president encouraged him to testify, is happy that he did -- TODD: Yes.

So, I mean -- (CROSSTALK) TODD: Let me ask you this, let me just go back to the core -- GIULIANI: So, I mean, if this is their case for collusion -- TODD: Yes. GIULIANI: Well, I believe that somebody got them and they didn’t know that those emails were gotten and I’m almost certain from the reports that I’ve read that it’s hacking and it looks like it’s pretty clear that it was Russians. GIULIANI: -- is quite secure that there is nothing in the testimony that will hurt the president.

You and Emmett Flood have wanted to put more parameters around what special counsel Robert Mueller would have done.

Would you have ever recommended the amount of cooperation that Don Mc Gahn has given to Robert Mueller had you been the attorney at the beginning?

Mc Gahn, attorney-client privilege, so that the independent counsel, special counsel could get as much evidence as possible.

And in fact, I think John Dowd would tell you, with an agreement by -- with Bob Mueller that it would be concluded quickly.

He’s got 1.4 million documents, he’s got at least 32 witnesses in which we didn’t raise executive privilege. So, I believe this is a -- this is a desperate special counsel who leaked this to "The New York Times", illegally, I might add and, in fact -- TODD: Do you have any evidence of this?

The main focus that we want, I can tell you, simply is Russia. GIULIANI: If you're such a genius -- Don Mc Gahn doesn't know.

They would probably limit it to collusion and obstruction. If that's situation where you have two pieces of evidence.

I can't get them to write a letter faster than they have. The president of the United States says I didn't...

And you want to start counting up the time that we have taken... You believe this is on them that you would have -- that you guys have not delayed the interviewing, delayed the negotiations? Each time by three or four days so we could write a letter in response.


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