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Responsibility Of A Student Essay

This shows the importance of CSR for students in general.Therefore we are looking for how a student can be more socially responsible himself or herself.The more a student goes forward in his studies, the more he will understand which learning process suits him best.Some students find out that they assimilate their lessons better thanks to reading while others prefer to work in groups and talk.

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It can be a student loan, a revenue from your parents, or a wage from a student job, if a student has his own accommodation, he has to manage his money.The third element identified is the behaviour towards others.This is an important factor, because the environment an individual is living in plays a big role for the wellbeing.The student must divide this budget between his rent, food shopping, transports, parties, etc.It’s the time to learn, because when the student will start to work after they graduated it will be their money, and will not have their parents or a student loan to help them out.Students obviously must behave appropriately during class, if not for the sake of a proper learning process, at least to respect their classmates.Taking part actively in the lectures and be respectful will create a good atmosphere and allow everybody to work in good conditions.Our way of consumption impacts the sourcing of raw material, shipping products around the world, and causing CO2 and other emissions that are impacting the climate. It impacts the ecosystem, as the rising water temperature causes reefs to slowly disappear, but it also impacts our health.Pollution is supposed to cause 9 million deaths per year.Plus, they will be more responsibility, more taxes, more bills to manage and the first income is not always big.A possibility to keep up with the budget is keeping track of expenses.


  1. Duty of any person of the country in his/her any age group is a must to do responsibility of that person towards his/her country. There is no any particular time.

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