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Research Proposal On Job Satisfaction Using Proportions To Solve Percent Problems

Sadri and Bowen further argue that using Maslow's Hierarchy allows employers to design benefits that more completely meet employee needs.

There are some issues over the debate about traditional vs.

A second argument claims that employees choose different benefits based on needs.

Finally, employees may choose different benefits based on personality traits and characteristics.

This will be effective in helping employers to determine which types of benefits packages employees will find attractive and how to make changes to current benefits packages that will increase employee motivation and job satisfaction. First, the study will consider focus on the general concept that employee benefits can either increase or reduce job satisfaction.

Second, the study will focus on which benefits are more likely to increase or reduce job satisfaction in the employees participating in the study.

One argument claims that people are likely to prefer different types of benefits based on demographics (e.g.

Flexible plans allow employers to meet employee benefit preferences rather than asking them to accept benefits they may not need or want.

However, the right benefits package can inspire employees to increase their productivity as well as their level of job-satisfaction.

Understanding how employee benefits influence employee job satisfaction and motivation is critical developing an understanding which benefits are more likely to be found desirable by employees.

Another issue that arises in the literature is that very few benefits studies that are not funded by federal agencies or national human resources organizations appear to be available.

There are several arguments present in the literature about why employees prefer different types of benefits.


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