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Research Proposal In Research Methodology

Any study involving human or animal subjects will need ethical approval, which will usually be from the university’s ethics committee.There is likely to be a standard form to complete, which you may need to submit as part of your research proposal.You can always find a sector, study group, or other unique element that will make the research worthwhile, even if others have done similar studies before.Thinking about your research topic, ask yourself it is that you actually want to find out?Frame it as a question that you could ask somebody: good research questions often begin with asking words like who, what, when, where, why, how, and how much.Once you have brainstormed several questions related to your topic, look at each one individually against the following checklist of considerations.By the time you have finished developing your research question(s), they should be tight and carefully defined, including a clear idea of the sector or area of study, study population, and what someone will know after reading your research.

It is extremely annoying to have something rejected, or have to rewrite it because of a formality like the font size.If you are submitting a grant application, or research proposal to a university, you will probably have a maximum word count or be given an acceptable word count range. If the maximum is 2000 words, and you’ve written 500, you probably haven’t provided enough detail.On the other hand, if you’ve written twice as much as expected, then you’ll need to cut it down considerably.The first step in any research is to identify the topic of interest.Think about which areas have most interested you in your studies to date, and what you would most like to explore.Your research proposal may be a part of your dissertation, submitted in advance, or submitted as a separate piece of work.You may also be required to write a research proposal as part of a grant application.Once you have identified your field of interest, you can then start to identify one or more research questions to answer.Again, a narrow question that you can research in detail is better than a broad one that you will not be able to cover in full.Keep a note of ideas and questions, and then send a single email to your supervisor requesting an appointment, and setting out your broad thinking, preferably with your outline research questions.Your supervisor will soon make clear whether they think your ideas are too broad for study and will hopefully help you to narrow them down.


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