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Research Paper History

As such, students have written on a variety of topics.

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How to create parenthetical citations (first form of in-sentence citations). Resources to help you with this step: How to MLA format a paper Did I plagiarize?

It challenged me in my abilities to critically think, rewrite, and rewrite again an unfinished work.

I learned a lot specifically about my topic, and I was really satisfied that I was able to use a paper that I had written abroad for the JRP.” “There’s something really cool about interacting with the history of a particular period or place in a way that particularly interests you or reflects your passions.

This stage is when you do the bulk of your research.

During this stage, you want to read both primary and secondary sources. Resources to help you with this step: (Remember, if you're off campus, you'll need to sign in here for passwords to our databases.) What's a primary source? Issues and Controversies in American History is an excellent source to use to look at events in American history from multiple angles.


  1. This project description was provided by your teachers. The library staff had added resources to each step to help you build a powerful, research-based.

  2. A way to teach students how to develop historical questions. This is the beginning of a multi-step research paper process that encourages sophisticated.

  3. Starting Sentence Option 1 period of history was a violent/difficult/smooth part of American history. It was a time when behavior was common/taboo and the.

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