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Research Paper Entrepreneurs Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Essay

In this way, creative destruction is largely responsible for the dynamism of industries and long-run economic growth.

The supposition that entrepreneurship leads to economic growth is an interpretation of the residual in endogenous growth theory and as such is hotly debated in academic economics.

In the majority of the analyzed economies, less than one-third of new limited liability company owners are women.

Although sole proprietorships are more frequently used by female entrepreneurs, only three economies have similar or equal number of women business owners relative to men.

Entrepreneurs exhibit positive biases towards finding new possibilities and seeing unmet market needs, and a tendency towards risk-taking that makes them more likely to exploit business opportunities.

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Cantillon defined the term as a person who pays a certain price for a product and resells it at an uncertain price, "making decisions about obtaining and using the resources while consequently admitting the risk of enterprise".

Forty-four of the 143 economies that participated in the Entrepreneurship project provided some sex-disaggregated data for 2016.

The paper finds that the gender gap in business ownership remains high in many economies around the world.

The analysis suggests a need to expand the collection of sex-disaggregated data, to trace the economies' progress in narrowing the existing gender gap in entrepreneurship.

See Less - Meunier, Frederic; Krylova, Yulia; Ramalho, Rita. Women's entrepreneurship : how to measure the gap between new female and male entrepreneurs?


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