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Remedial Classes Essay

Nous prenon un bus ala gare de Quatre-borne pour y aller. Quand nous avons sortir nous avons parti dans un restaurants qui était a flic-en-flac.’’ This student has been systematically promoted since Form I.

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She says she's not surprised that more than half the students who took Florida's college placement exam in the 2010-2011 school year failed at least one subject.Math was always something of a struggle for Lockett.Still, she got through her high school exit exam with a passing grade and went on to graduate from Coral Gables Senior High School in 2008. Then, something unexpected happened: She flunked the college placement exams in all three subjects – reading, writing and math.Had the student been advised right from the beginning that carelessness leads to loss of marks, would his level of writing have been so mediocre? Has the student ever been told that it is preferable to do one thing well rather than do five things badly?Has he ever been made aware that sloppy work will not be tolerated and that quality matters? If one does not show interest in what one is doing, the results will certainly be below average.Every student needs to be given a fair chance to improve his results, whether in internal examinations or external. There is a need to assist those with problems and time must be allowed in the time-table for this category of students so that they may catch up. With well-planned and well-conducted remedial education, slow learners can improve to a certain extent. This attitude on their part explains the student’s low level in writing.What efforts are being made in our colleges to urge students to read quality newspapers, magazines and books?Il avait aussi des servants qui avait pris nos affaire. Mon ami et moi nous avons a resté dans un seul chambre. And everybody – from parents to the student himself, from the teacher to the Head of Department, and from the Assistant Rector to the Rector – has been satisfied with it.No one, it seems, has bothered to draw the student’s attention to the fact that carelessness in the presentation of his work is penalized.


  1. Our 10 years of teaching remedial writing, as well as other research, points. What students need to understand is how to make the essay they.

  2. Unlike remedial classes, students would get credit for these courses. In high school, she said she'd have 30 minutes to write an essay in class.

  3. So if an essay has good points and ideas, but the writing shows little effort. For example, during one class your students can write a non-fiction.

  4. Remedial courses** undergraduate student pursuing a. accompanying GPA and financial aid documentation from the school and a one-page essay in order to.

  5. Juin 2017. The following is from an essay by a Form V is a repeater and is sitting for his SC in a couple of months. The extract gives us food for.

  6. Remedial or developmental courses are the most common policy instruments. The results suggest math and reading remedial courses have mixed benefits.

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