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Recycled Writing Paper

When your office uses recycled paper, you help promote a more sustainable corporate climate for decades to come.Among other benefits, recycling paper and using recycled paper may: America has an increasing trash crisis: Our landfills literally keep growing.The recycling of paper is the process by which waste paper is turned into new paper products.

Landfills are also major emitters of methane, which is one of the primary gases responsible for climate change.

This means recycling vastly reduces the virgin natural materials required to produce paper products.

For example, Stanford University saved more than 32,000 trees in a single year just by recycling 1,118 tons of paper.

It is less energy and water intensive than paper made from wood pulp.

It saves waste paper from occupying landfill and producing methane as it breaks down.


  1. We are the first eco-friendly brand of paper that only uses recycled materials and does not add to the destruction of endangered forests. Tree free paper journals.

  2. From protecting forests to curbing climate, recycled paper use is essential for. Printing and writing papers have the most intensive manufacturing process of.

  3. Buying recycled-content paper helps 'close the recycling loop' by putting the. publishes specifications for the full range of printing and writing papers used by.

  4. Old Newspaper ONP/Mechanical Papers · Recovery of Printing-Writing Papers. Think Before You Throw - Common Household Items that can be Recycled.

  5. The federal government had been mandated since 1976 to buy recycled products, but EPA was exceedingly slow to write implementation guidelines, which.

  6. A life cycle assessment was conducted using IMPACT2002+ to estimate the environmental impact of producing printing and writing paper, which is entirely.

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