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Most faculties (OISE included) allow applications to apply to different programs or departments within the faculty.At OISE, it is possible to list up to three different choices.

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You may also want to send them a short , introducing yourself and confirming that they will be accepting new students in the year in which you plan to apply.

If I transfer universities, do I need to provide transcripts from both? If I am applying to departments in two different university faculties (e.g.

Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development at OISE and the Department of Psychology in Arts and Science), do I need to complete two applications? Different faculties require that students complete different applications.

We then work to find supervisory matches for these students.

Sometimes, having knowledge of a particular applicant makes a difference at this point (for example, a professor may need to choose between two prospective graduate students who have both made the shortlist).


  1. The General Examination is composed of the Qualifying Scholarly Paper QP and. The QP is designed to scaffold students' scholarship and research capacity.

  2. Graduates with an MA degree who complete a Qualifying Research Paper QRP can pursue graduate studies at OISE and possibly other universities as well.

  3. Adult Education and Community Development Program. Qualifying Research Paper Guidelines. Students applying to the doctoral degree in Adult Education and.

  4. The present paper is a significantly revised portion of a Qualifying Research Paper. a doctoral program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education OISE.

  5. An important part of your master's education is the writing of your final master's qualifying research paper also called a master's thesis. To aid you in this.

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