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Problem Solving Techniques Pdf

Also, any metric that is behind presents a chance to solve a problem.

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Or, you might not understand how you are currently performing.That is why following the steps of a structured problem solving process is critical to getting the answers you need to narrow that problem chasm. It might be addressing a very basic issue, like deciding where to go out for dinner (you expect to have a destination chosen when you get into the car, but the current reality is that you have no restaurant in mind).Problem solving may also address a more complicated challenge such as figuring out how to land a rocket on the moon.If something changes, the output may start to fall below the target.The less common way of looking at the relationship between targets and reality is that the expectation side of the equation may be the one undergoing a change.Risky problems are also good candidates for structure.Note that experience can offset the need for some structure, but it increases risk anytime you skip a step. While it saves resources, the best you can do is come up with a solution that matches the one you would have gotten from the full process.To understand problem solving, one must first have a clear definition of what a problem actually is.A problem is simply a gap between an expectation and reality.This is commonly the case when an aggressive improvement target is set to capitalize on an opportunity, or a competitor makes a performance breakthrough and the company has to play catch up.With that definition, then, problem solving is simply the process for closing the gap between what should be and what is.


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