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Problem Solving Process Model

Figure 1 The first step of any problem-solving process is becoming aware.This awareness can be generated from inside or outside the individual.In the end, the main purpose of this step is to evaluate the constraints on the problem and the problem solver to better understand the goals that are trying to be reached.Once these goals are identified, the objectives that must be attained in order to reach the goals can be specified and utilized to help narrow the scope of the problem.A clear understanding of the assumptions being made when engaging in the process is important.If an unsatisfactory outcome is reached, it may be necessary to adjust these assumptions.It is important to do risk assessment on the problems involved and examine why the problem is being solved.There are many reasons why a particular problem is chosen as the one to solve.

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Assumptions by contrast are those constraints that the problem-solver sets without having incontrovertible factual backing for those decisions.Define the Problem After the problem is recognized, research is conducted.Initially, research must be done to help define the problem as well as identify the assumptions being made and determine the parameters of the situation.In the end, as long as a problem is perceived by oneself or others, awareness of this problem is achieved.However, the level of awareness and the research associated with this level is vital to the initiation of the problem solving process.Even if the final solution is arrived at, knowing ones assumptions assists the problem-solver in explaining and defending their conclusions.Choose Which Problem to Be Solved Once a goal and set of objectives has been specified and the parameters and assumptions have been identified, it is necessary to choose a particular problem to solve.This means it can be used to look at past, present, and potential future problems and their solutions in a clear systematic way that is consistent and able to be generalized.At each step along the way to a solution, various types of research must be conducted to successfully accomplish the steps of the process and thus arrive at an effective solution that is viable.Its main purpose is to guide participants through a procedure for solving many types of problems that have a varying level of complexity.More importantly, the process is both descriptive and prescriptive.


  1. Days ago. The Six-Step Problem-Solving Process is described belowStep 1 Identify The Problem Select the problem to be analyzed Clearly define.

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