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Problem Of Child Labour In Essay

There is a vicious circle which may be described in effects of child labour essays: attracting kids to work worsens their prospects in terms of obtaining education, which, in turn, affects the further employment.

Ultimately, child labour has a negative impact on the development of human resources and the overall socio-economic progress of the country.

This problem is observed in virtually all productive and non-productive sectors of the economy: agriculture, small-scale trade in local markets, etc.

In the markets, for example, the work of kids is used mainly for sorting fruits and vegetables, loading works (teenagers may perform the duties of carriers).

Moreover, they have limited access to education, health services and material goods.Is a person able to keep pitchfork and get married? With the growth of cities and the development of educational institutions, issues of childhood began to be discussed. ” essay, it’s useful to cite examples from real life and literature.But even at that time, not each person was able to get education at school or, especially, with home teachers. Minors satisfied much of the household needs of big cities of the late XIX century, whether this was London, Paris, St. Kids from poor families began to work early: they had to help their parents in artisan workshops, serve aristocrats in rich houses, sell various products and clean shoes. A typical "career" of a street boy is described in "Oliver Twist": work in the undertaker's office, theft with a gang of pickpockets.Many of them are involved in the worst forms of child labour that cause irreversible physical, psychological harm or even threaten their lives.Starting from the 1950s, Children's Day is celebrated every year on June 1.It's easy to deprive a child of something, or vice versa, to impose responsibilities not corresponding to his age, because children can't defend their interests facing the pressure of adults.And it's not just due to a lack of life experience and physical weakness but also due to the fact that minors can master critical thinking and violence resistance skills only observing the example of adults, of course, if parents want to protect the kids and not to exploit them.Experience has shown that child labour provokes serious, sometimes irreparable harm to the kid's physical and psycho-social development.If you know how to write a hook for an argumentative essay, you can choose something else.States participating in the Convention take measures to comply with these provisions.For example, they establish a minimum age for admission to work, regulate the working conditions and the duration of the working day for minors.


  1. Child Labour Essay In English Childhood is the most innocent part of any person’s life. It is the phase where human beings learn basics from language to character.

  2. To conclusion, immorality and severe health problem for the young generations are two major drawback of child labor. It is strongly recommended that governments should either prohibit the employment of children or police their laws effectively. *** Please provide me with some feedback on my Child Labour Essay. Thanks.

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