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Presenting Business Plan

Business News Daily spoke with a handful of experts, including a former participant on ABC's "Shark Tank," about how to nail a pitch to potential investors.

A common topic among experts was the need to be personable and create a narrative.

After you've drawn up your business idea and crafted your business plan, you need funding to turn your entrepreneurial dream into a reality.

When your ability to secure funds comes down to a 10-to-20-minute pitch to potential investors, it's easy to feel nervous.

"We often hear 'practice your pitch' as common advice, but most investors will stop you several times during your presentation to ask for clarity or to offer their input," Ashley said.

"This can throw a presenter off their game in a presentation easily, as they've practiced their presentation as a smooth, uninterrupted flow.

"I've seen startups try to take shortcuts on this and end up with glazed-over eyes in their audience," Griffit said.

The weeks and days leading up to your pitch to potential investors is no time to be shy.

Plus, you'll have a moment to collect your thoughts for what you're going to say next." While practicing the pitch is a must, very rarely will your pitch go exactly as planned.Your prototypes for the product are all stellar and you're thrilled about your business plan.Unfortunately, if your product doesn't solve a problem or fill a need for customers, investors aren't going to share your excitement.By doing this, you can make a perfectly rehearsed speech sound spontaneous."To make your pitch sound more natural, plan your dramatic pauses out," he said.It's a pressure-packed moment, and you need to be at your best.So how can you erase your anxiety and impress potential investors?"You've likely told your origin story dozens of times and have it down," said David Ciccarelli, the founder and CEO of During our capital raise, I told our founding story 200 times.While it's old news to you, it's new for the investor, so keep it upbeat and tell it with enthusiasm." Don't hesitate to pitch to multiple potential investors, either.Once you've gotten comfortable with your pitch, start focusing on the little details."Use the privacy of your home or office to talk through your pitch and work on making it flow well," Ciccarelli said.


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