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In a country there can be single as well as multiple political party system.

These are the heaviest political weight, along with pressure groups and their role, importance and significance can in no way be under-estimated.

Only after the party accepts these basic conditions that the Election Commission will register it for contesting elections, and not otherwise.It is always a voluntary organisation and is formed by those who hold common views on certain basic political issues.It should be organised and its members must be prepared to follow certain well established rules and also believe in peaceful and constitutional methods. Political party system in India has its own background. For our discussion, a political party means to be a group of persons who have common ideology, follow a common programme and common line of action. On the other hand multi-party system is one in which there is more than one political party, each having its programme of action as well as method of achieving the goals which it has set before itself.In the former category can be placed Bhartiya Janata Party and Bhartiya Lok Dal whereas in the latter category fall both the Communist parties.Then there are regional parties both communal and non-communal. They follow a leader and have a uniform programme and line of action for achieving that. A single political party being understood to mean a party system in which all members think alike.Then there are political parties which have their influence in a particular area e.g., Jharkhand party, Manipur People’s Party, Naga National Convention, Sikkim Sangram Parishad.Then come adhoc and fringe parties in which are covered parties like Ram Rajya Parishad, All India Bhartiya Jan Sangh, Congress (O) and Hindu Mahasabha.


  1. A political party is a group of voters organized to support certain public policies. The aim of a political party is to elect officials who will try to carry out the party's.

  2. Importance of Political Parties essaysImportance of Political Parties in Today's Democracy We live in a society where people are able to voice their opinions on.

  3. A political party is an organized group of people who have the same ideology, or who otherwise have the same political positions, and who field candidates for.

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