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Phd Thesis Publication Dfid Business Plan

As far as I know, also in the Netherlands, dissertations are published as books with proper ISBN assigned, hence proper archival publications too.

btw If you are using La Te X to write your cv, Bib Te X provides an entry regarding dissertations - phdthesis.

However anyone trying to accuse you of using your own work without his permission will make such a fool of himself in the scientific world that his reputation there will plummet to negative infinity, so I don't think the chances of trouble are above those that some crank will accuse you of plagiarizing his work or that the outcome of the accusation, if it occurs, will be essentially different.

The papers you have published and that my be under review in a journal require permission to rproduce.

Also, when you reuse figures, I'd include the "reprinted with permission" tag.

Finally, ask your advisor or other members of your department for guidance!


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