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Phd Thesis Journalism Multiple Case Study Dissertation

In other words, what are the audience’s expectations to online journalism.This information is necessary to create a comparison point between the audience’s expectations to the skills of the journalist and the skills actually applied in work processes.“People have come to Pirita Yacht Harbour to secure their vessels so the storm would hurt them much.” This headline was published on the Delfi news site on 26 September.Such mistakes happen very easily and not because the writer is uneducated or illiterate, but because of the conditions the writer has to work in.

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Some editorial managers explained the need for this with the so-called heavy users or the readers always hungry for something new and clicking the refresh button.

Therefore, these skills are lost or people decide to leave such online newsrooms.

“Keeping the line” and “producing units” From the research, it became evident that a contrived time pressure dominates the work processes – most of the online journalists interviewed on different years had the obligation to “keep the line” or continually publish articles (e.g., one every hour), which the journalists call “units”.

Very few skills, however, are actually used in everyday work.

For example, when we asked the editorial manager what skills an online journalist should have, we got an entire list of various technical and journalistic skills.


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