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Persuasive Essay Embryonic Stem Cells

An assault against any innocent human being is an assault on humanity in general.Since respect for human life is a cornerstone of civilization, human embryonic stem cell research will weaken the moral foundation of our society” (Eckman).As society further progresses, advancements will continue in the field of science.Humans must be cautious of compromising the moral standards that define human civilization for the further acquisition of scientific knowledge.Cloning for scientific purposes begs the question, at what point does life begin such that it becomes unethical to destroy it?With continuing technological developments, the point at which a child is viable outside the mother’s womb becomes earlier and earlier.

Farming human embryos sounds like something from a science fiction novel, yet such an idea has been considered increasingly possible with recent scientific advancements.Thus stem cells have the potential to cure a vast number of diseases and physical ailments including Parkinson’s, diabetes, spinal cord injury, and heart disease.Consequently, stem cell research and the development of associated medical applications are of great interest to the scientific and medical community.Those in support of embryonic stem cell research claim that the week-old blastocysts from which embryonic stem cells are derived are merely a cluster of cells and thus do not constitute a human being.Because these cells are “not human,” the embryos should not be afforded the same human rights as are granted to other more advanced stages of cell growth.In the second process, scientists solely manipulate the culture in which the embryonic cells are grown or directly alter the genetic content of the cells.Herein lies the heart of the ethical debate over the morality of destroying a human embryo in order to derive embryonic stem cells for treatment.While many argue that embryonic stem cell research holds the potential of developing cures for a number of illnesses that affect many individuals, such research is performed at the cost of destroying a life and should therefore not be pursued.Stem cells are pluripotent cells of the body which are “undifferentiated.” This means that stem cells can ultimately give rise to any type of body tissue.Life begins at conception, for it is from this point that an embryo contains all genetic information necessary to develop into a human being. Eckman asserts, “Every human being has a right to be protected from discrimination – Human embryonic stem cell research discriminates against human embryos on the basis of developmental immaturity” (Eckman).As is suggested by Eckman, simply because an embryo at one week is not as physically mature as one at nine months, it is not any less human, and should therefore not be treated as such.


  1. Adult Stem Cells vs. Embryonic Stem Cells “The unspecialized cells are differentiated cells created are known as stem cells” Miller Ph. D. Levine Ph. D. 2012. Embryonic and Adult stem cells are the only types of stem cells. Stem cell research shows a good deal of promise in the aiding of curing diseases.

  2. Embryonic stem cells do also have some disadvantages that should be considered when making the argument for further support of embryonic stem cell research. Unlike adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells have a higher risk of causing tumor formation in the patient's body after the stem cells are implanted.

  3. Free Essay Abortion, gay marriage, and illegal immigration are all hot button. It is my intention to bring to light the positive benefits of stem cell research as well.

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