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Personal Swot Analysis Essay

This helps you think through the things that are important to you, and set the compelling personal goals that motivate you towards success.Download Worksheet This site teaches you the skills you need for a happy and successful career; and this is just one of many tools and resources that you'll find here at Mind Tools.Knowing and using your strengths can make you happier and more fulfilled at work.See our Strengths Finder Think about your strengths in relation to the people around you.

You can see our infographic of the Personal SWOT Analysis here: A SWOT matrix is a framework for analyzing your strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that you face.

Be realistic – it's best to face any unpleasant truths as soon as possible.

Also, importantly, look at your strengths, and ask yourself whether these open up any opportunities – and look at your weaknesses, and ask yourself whether you could open up opportunities by eliminating those weaknesses.

For example, if you're a great mathematician and the people around you are also great at math, then this is not likely to be a strength in your current role – it may be a necessity.

Again, consider this from a personal/internal perspective and an external perspective. Do co-workers consistently outperform you in key areas?


  1. Personal SWOT Analysis 2. Why personal SWOT analysis? • To brand image and success unique to you • To identify internal strengths and weaknesses • To identify external opportunities and threats • To formulate success strategy 3. Helpful I N T E R N A L E X T E R N A L Harmful Weaknesses Strengths SWOT Analysis Opportunities Threats 4.

  2. A personal SWOT analysis worksheet usually comes with 4 sections- for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats. Each box will house 2-3 questions related to the respective aspect and the rest would jot down the corresponding answers.

  3. Personal swot analysis. personal swot analysis. personal swot analysis. personal swot analysis. You need to know why you need to do a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is very important as it can show who the company is, each employee, their business, as well as the products and services they provide.

  4. The weaknesses in a personal SWOT analysis include such things like a lack of adequate work experience, lack of adequate certification, the wrong degree or no degree, and lack of training. Some weaknesses as regards to personal attributes might include indecisiveness, weak communication skills, lack of motivation, and excessive shyness.

  5. The last but not the least step of the SWOT analysis is to become aware of your threats. When doing a personal SWOT analysis, you have to make sure that you would think and assess your own self against other people. It is because, in this manner, you will be able to easily identify all the possible threats.

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