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Paper Based Dyslexia Test

The BDA offer a range of assessments for children and adults.

Our assessments are carried out by experienced specialist teachers and psychologists across the UK.

If you are in education find out if you can be fully assessed by your school, college or university. Unfortunately the government does not provide dyslexia assessments on the NHS.

If they conclude you’re dyslexic you should get extra help and more time in exams, so it’s well worth asking. Please be cautious of websites that offer cheap assessments online.

How the child responds to supplementary instruction will help determine if special education services are justified and necessary.

Before second grade, it is more important to focus an evaluation on the precursors of reading development.

When a child is struggling to read, someone will probably suggest that he or she be tested for dyslexia. You might think that of a test as something you take in an afternoon. encompasses identification, screening, testing, diagnosis, and all the other information gathering involved when the student, his or her family, and a team of professionals work together to determine why the student is having difficulty and what can be done to help.

An evaluation is the process of gathering information to identify the factors contributing to a student’s difficulty with learning to read and spell.

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Use your answers as a guide to help you focus on the areas you need to improve on.

The 30 minute test is an ideal tool for screening an entire year group, or for screening those pupils showing some signs of difficulty.

It can play an important part in helping both specialist and non-specialist teachers distinguish between those individuals who are having general difficulties in literacy and those whose difficulties are associated with dyslexia.

By January or February of first grade, tests of early word reading, decoding, and spelling begin to be useful in providing information about what the student has learned and what gaps in knowledge exist.

This information may be used to plan instruction and guide ongoing assessment.


  1. As described by the California based Irlen company, it is a perceptual processing disorder resulting from visual stress that impedes reading but can be treated with coloured lenses. An oft cited research paper found no benefits from their coloured lenses, but in fact there is a growing body of research indicating that coloured lenses and.

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