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Outline On Gay Marriages For Research Paper 50 Argumentative Essay Topics

Gay marriage should be legalized in all states and countries, it has been held off for too long.

Moreover, there are several reasons why homosexuals feel strongly about wanting to be legally married....

According to an article from the Human Rights Campaign, there is nothing wrong with allowing homosexuals to have the same rights as those who are heterosexual.

Every individual person should be granted equal rights, regardless of sexuality.

The movement did not gain much positive ground until the 1990s and 2000s when it became a more known issue.

Celebrities such as Ellen De Generes who “came out” forced the issue into the media and then the movement truly began once it became headline news.

Over the next couple hundred years as the industrial economy grew in America and people began gathering more heavily in cities, gay communities began to form.

These communities tried to remain hidden because others were not understanding of the homosexual culture.

In reference to the position supporting gay marriage, the discussion will focus on; discrimination and equality and respect on individual’s rights.

In the past, homosexuality was almost completely ignored culturally because it was so taboo.

Gay people would hide their orientation from the rest of the world.

This has been very apparent during elections when politicians, in order to distract or sway conservative voters, all took a side and had an opinion on the issue of same-sex marriage.

The debate has been presented on the left as a civil rights debate, equal rights.


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