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Outdoor Problem Solving Activities

You’ll need: paper, pens Time: 45 minutes Group size: 6–20Instructions: It’s hard to build a brand if the world doesn’t know what you stand for.That’s why you have the mission statement for: to convince other people about what your product or service can (and can’t) do and why you matter.“Which movie is featured on the conference room’s poster? ”, “How many people with the name ‘Andrew’ work in the company? Remember not to ask questions that are too personal and would put a team member into an embarrassing situation, like “Who has the biggest mouth in the office? You’ll need: index cards, markers Time: 10–15 minutes Group size: Unlimited Instructions: Remember baseball or Pokemon trading cards? Give out large-scale index cards and markers to each team member.Ask them to create a personal trading card of themselves, with their name, self-portrait, nickname, and one fact about them that everyone is less likely to know about.The others can think of similar stories and come up with their own words.They can stick them on the whiteboard to continue the story thread, or pick a word that already exists if nothing pops up in their minds.It contains 20 games divided into five categories, depending on the goal you want to achieve: Often times we work like cars: we need to be warmed up to properly function.If this is your goal, then use icebreakers to loosen up the atmosphere, set the stage for more complex activities, or introduce new hires to the team.

Place the sticky notes on one side of the whiteboard so they’re visible to the whole team.If you still feel clumsy about team building activities, don’t worry.We’ve compiled a list of them for you to serve as a go-to resource whenever you feel like it’s time to strengthen your team.Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be like this.If you happen to hold these assumptions as well, remember that: Technology giants and start-ups, in particular, have already adopted this mindset, providing office perks and socializing events in the form of free lunches, ping-pong tables, hackathons, and regular parties.To loosen up the atmosphere in a short time, gather coins with listed years on them so that you have one for each member. Remember to check every coin so that the dates are not older than the youngest team member.Finally, have each team member draw a coin and share a memorable moment from their lives that happened in the year when the coin was minted.The exercise is great because it gives everyone a visual snapshot of each player while triggering conversations on the go.You’ll need: pennies or any coins with listed years, box or bucket Time: 10–15 minutes Group size: Unlimited Instructions: It might be difficult to start working on a project without properly knowing your colleagues.Then have the cards go from one person to another in no particular order.Participants can hold onto a card if they find the card’s fact interesting and want to know more about it from its owner.


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