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Optimization Techniques Research Papers Paper Separation For Recycling

Unemployed bees choose the source of food with certain probability by following the dances of the employed bees.

The unemployed bees turn to the source of the selected food and begin to store nectar as employed bees.

It is hoped that this work will be useful to researchers involved in optimization.

Keywords: Optimization algorithms; Civil engineering; Review Optimization problem is defined as finding the best solution from the feasible solution in a pool which contains all solutions.

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These are known as single and multi-objective optimization problems respectively and continuous research is being conducted in this field and nature inspired heuristic optimization methods (also called advanced optimization algorithms) are proving to be better than the classical deterministic methods and thus are widely used.Employed bees who consume food sources become scout bees to search for new sources [20].Tabu Search algorithm explores the search space by a sequence of movies.With the advent of advanced optimization methods, last decades have witnessed a growing application of optimization to a wide range of engineering problems, from automotive to biomedicine, and of course, to civil engineering.Applications of optimization techniques are most exciting, challenging, and of truly large scale when it comes to the problems of civil engineering in terms of both quality and quantity.To escape the local optimum, the certain movies are listed in a memory called forbidden (tabu) search.This algorithm contains some elements: tabu list, neighborhood, aspiration criterion, termination criterion and cost function.This algorithm stars an initial harmony memory (solutions sets) and used some parameter such as harmony memory considering rate (HMCR) to improve the next harmony memory.Artificial Bee Colony simulates the intelligent foraging behavior of honey bee swarm.Among from these elements, the aspiration criterion is used to determine the best search movie.The new solutions are chosen from the neighborhood of the current solution and the solution which has the minimum cost becomes the new current solution [21].


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