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Online Creative Writing Masters Degrees

To apply, who can help you explore financial options.

Your admission counselor can also walk you through the application process, which involves completing a graduate application ( fee) and providing undergraduate transcripts.

Analyze the applications of these storytelling craft elements in published literature, and identify why the literature, as a cohesive whole, is successful.

Develop individual approaches to the "writer's toolkit," by employing the craft elements of storytelling into personal works for advancing a career as a creative writer.

Analyze and practice fundamentals of storytelling, including narrative arc, plot, and character development.

Deconstruct popular stories in literature and film to understand characteristics of beginnings that hook, tension-building middles and satisfying endings.

And with the included certificates in either the Online Teaching of Writing or Professional Writing, you'll have the skills to support your writing career.

That's why SNHU's online MFA program puts a strong focus on the practical skills you'll need to succeed.Create a customized, multi-faceted plan to cultivate and engage new fans.Target a specific readership by applying copywriting and content writing skills.Research the critical organizations, communities, and industry publications and resources unique to a chosen genre.Explore the many methods and strategies that professional writers employ to leverage their creative talents into financially sustaining work.You'll also learn about the business side of creative writing, preparing you to market your work in the real world.While most MFA programs require a residency, meaning time away from your current job and busy schedule, SNHU's online MFA can be completed entirely online with no travel necessary.Analyze one genre novel for how it fits within the literary landscape in preparation for genre concentration selection.Research market trends to gain a practical grasp of how a genre's history continues to influence popular books today.Follow the journey of publication from initial manuscript submission to a finished book in a reader's hands.Investigate business models and key roles in the publishing world, learn conventions of submission, and identify networking opportunities.


  1. The online master's in creative writing program at Wilkes University offers two. Bay Path University is one of the best online creative writing programs. The fully.

  2. Graduates of these programs earn the same degree as traditional. Students in Harvard's online creative writing program.

  3. A ranking of the best online master's-level creative writing degree programs. Ranked by the program's affordability, flexibility, and academic quality.

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