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Once you’re able to schedule a sit-down, your primary objective is to lay down a rock-solid framework–starting with a statement that acknowledges the company’s current challenges so your request doesn’t seem obtuse.

Burg suggests language like, “I know budgets are tight this year, but I’d like to talk to you about how we still can work within that to justify a raise.”After that, present your manager with a quantifiable list detailing your stellar accomplishments over the past few years.“Be prepared to show him when, where, and how what you’ve been doing has added to the bottom line, not taken from it,” Burg says, adding that this “I” message framework creates a realistic–not self-indulgent–tone that will endear your manager to your cause.

“If you don’t, that person just becomes defensive and resistant,” he says.

So start by showing your assistant that we’ve all been there, with something along the lines of, “Joanne, you know you have so much potential, and you’re going to do great things at this company.

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“It’s much more profitable, both financially and relationship-wise, to be a master persuader rather than a master manipulator–someone who people can’t get away from fast enough.”Ready to begin your transformation into the ultimate office influencer?As a persuader, Burg says it’s your responsibility to defuse potentially difficult transactions by framing them in a way that’s beneficial for everyone.“The framework is the foundation from which everything else emanates,” he says.So if you approach someone as your ally, the situation is likely to play out that way.“That’s why the key to getting your boss to see your point of view in this tricky case is to stroke her ego.”So kick off the conversation with a little old-fashioned flattery, making sure your gratitude is clear before segueing to your concerns.Consider saying, “Jean, I really enjoy working with you.Your fresh-out-of-college assistant wants to skip the less glamorous, everyday tasks she was hired to do–like processing contracts–to jump into high-profile projects above her skill set.If you want to connect with colleagues to resolve sensitive situations, Burg says you’ve got to do it skillfully–and with compassion.And, to keep her from feeling defensive, you’ve focused on just one affront.Then, follow up with, “When I find myself getting distracted like that, is there a polite way to let you know that something is getting in the way of my work?Now the onus is on your boss to explain where things stand, and it opens the door to a discussion about how those presentations can be handled differently in the future.Related: Don’t Follow the Leader: Why 40% of Workers Don’t Trust Their Bosses You heard that your company’s revenue flatlined this year–but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re long overdue for a promotion, and you want to broach the topic with your boss.


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