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Native American Culture Research Paper

Like with Momaday, Alexie uses his perspective to retell his stories and his focus on the events to shape the way the characters behave. In the opening sentence of Reservation Blues, Alexie explains how memory and history will play amidst each other throughout the novel: "In the one hundred and eleven years since the creation of the Spokane Indian Reservation in 1881, not one person, Indian or otherwise, had ever appeared there by accident" (Alexie 3) .

In Thomas-Builds-the-Fire's view (protagonist) nothing is by coincidence and keeping to memory the events assist in making sense of the past making it a significant way to heal the tribe's psychic well-being.

The only thing that makes sense to them is to find better and faster ways to go about enacting that destruction.

#3 While there have been positive initiatives of late regarding Native American rights -- such as the U.

For those with IGT at baseline, significant predictors included fasting plasma glucose, 2-h glucose, BMI, degree of American Indian blood, and albuminuria." (Lee et al., 49) In many ways, there is a direct connection between these two problems of diabetes and addiction, not just because they may be inclined by a common genetic disposition.

More importantly, these risk factors are invoked by the need for outreach, counseling and rehabilitation in reservation communities.

This has been attributed to variances in the blood composition of Native Americans that, an article by Lee et al.

Eventually the magical guitar comes into play and Thomas tries to use music to activate their memory.

But unlike the previous novel, history is the burden that everyone in America regardless of race carries as an important part of the American experience. Scott Monday and Sherman Alexie showcase Native American literature through their interconnected storytelling…

"Five generations of Spokanes are buried on Thomas's reservation at Wellpinit, Washington, sixty-five miles from Spokane, and, although the weight of being the tribe's misfit storyteller, or cultural repository, has "bowed his legs and bent his spine" (Alexie 6).

Herein lies the main difference between both books.


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