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My Most Frightening Moment Essay

I tried to open it, but it was locked, and I didn’t have much time to look for the keys.

At that moment, I had only two choices in front of me either claiming the wall of our back yard or getting attacked by a dog.

The invisibility on the road and the uncertainty of the obstacles in the path filled me with terror.

I collided with a big wooden block and fell on the ground.

I was yelling her name or so it seemed and she turned and looked at me then turned back around to the TV.

Next I heard her call my name and I woke up and she asked if I was OK and told me that I was crying and mumbling her name and I told her about my "dream" and she said she turned to look at me but I was sleeping and I told her I saw her look at me.

At the end, I managed to claim the wall very fast, and to safe myself from the angry dog.

Unfortunately, I broke my leg while jumping from that wall into our back yard.

I had the frightening experience not only once, but several times. Now, my little sister and her kids live in the apartment.

The place looked utterly unfamiliar as I walked along the side of a rugged road. My heart stopped beating for a moment, eyes widened in fright. I could see the skeleton and bones inside half of his body. I heard the sound of my own breath, clenched my palms tightly and ran away towards an unknown path.

The bridges and buildings were made up of hollow bricks. His voice was utterly clear in that dreadful silence. At a handful distance, I noticed a dark figure disappearing very rapidly into the smoky cloud.“Excuse me, Sir! I saw his head turning towards my face while his body still faced against me. A stone was pierced in his right ear which read — “To Die.” Every tiny cell of my body shivered in fear witnessing the wrath of the nature.“This isn’t my home”, I murmured in horror.

The black moon was barely identifiable beneath the gloomy, dense cloud which appeared to be still. There was no trace of light and yet everything was visible enough to my naked eyes. There was not a single living creature around except a black, sharp beaked, one-eyed crow cowing at the corner. ”I shouted at the top of my ability but my voice didn’t come out or perhaps the air didn’t allow transmission of human sound. I was still wondering how I could hear his voice when he turned to a certain degree.

My heart raced a bit faster as I walked past an infinite hollow tunnel. Please be kind enough and guide me how to get out of this place”, I pleaded.“We all are exactly where we are meant to be”, his ominous voice reached my ears.


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