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Math Problems For 4th Graders

Set 1: Subtracting Fractions Word Problems Mystery Picture: CHEF Set 2: Subtracting Fractions Word Problems Mystery Picture - LITTLE GIRL You can use different medium and coloring sheet for...Give extra motivation for your 4th graders to answer word problems on subtracting mixed numbers with these coloring worksheets. Let your 4th graders have fun with addition using these mystery pictures coloring worksheets.Choose between task cards and worksheets, whichever matches your teaching style. Let your 4th grade kids have fun answering word problems on mass of objects with these coloring worksheets. Set 1: Time Word Problems - Addition / Subtraction Mystery Pictures: ALARM CLOCK Set 2: Time Word Problems - Multiplication / Division Mystery Picture: WATCH...This mystery pictures activity would help motivate them to finish the problems so they can uncover the hidden pictures. Motivate your 4th graders to answer adding fraction word problems with this mystery picture packet.If you place flower pots around the pool 1 meter apart, center to center, how many flower pots do you need?(There should be a flower pot at each corner of the pool.) This site contains first through seventh grade free math problems with answers that help you with math competitions.

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They will enjoy uncovering the mystery picture after answering all the questions in this perimeter mystery picture activity. These coloring worksheets would give them extra motivation to answer all problems in order for them to uncover the mystery picture. Set 1: Multiplicative Comparison Word Problems Mystery Picture: KING Set 2: 2-3 digits x 1 digit Multiplication Mystery Picture - KNIGHT Set 3: 3-4 digits x 1 digit and 2 digits...

If the word problems are answered correctly, your kids will uncover a DOGHOUSE As mentioned, this is a subset of the Addition Mystery Picture packet. These are subtraction word problems coloring worksheets for 4th grade. To use, just choose between the no-prep worksheets or the task cards. Let your kids answer the subtraction word problems and work on the coloring page to uncover...

These are 4th grade word problem worksheets on length and distance. It has 2 sets -- each with a worksheet, 8 cards, two versions of answer/coloring sheet, and the answer key.

These problems are solved with the help of block diagrams or bar models (Singapore Math) or tape diagrams (Common Core). 12 such crates of mangoes were delivered to a factory. The remaining mangoes were packed into boxes of 10 mangoes each.

After distributing 14 books to each of the 6 classes, there are 4 books left.


  1. Th Grade Word Problems Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, How to solve multi-step mixed operations word problems, examples and step by step.

  2. These 4th grade math word problems and teaching resources will help make your class fun and engaging. You'll save time making your own materials by using these products.

  3. Students can hone their math word problem skills with these free printables, which include determining rate, time, and distance, as well as rounding.

  4. Challenging math problems, advanced math for elementary school. Fourth Grade Challenging Math. On the 4th day.

  5. This worksheet asks students to answer questions using a diagram of a measuring cup. It will focus on fractions and equivalency between values and units of measurement.

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