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Layout Of A Research Proposal Critical Thinking Homeschool Curriculum

Tertiary Education Institute, University of Queensland, Brisbane): Also include in this section an outline of the conceptual framework, design and/or methods.Describe the specific techniques or procedures you propose to use to collect and analyse your data.A simple guide to confidentiality and intellectual property issues is also available here, and includes an IP toolkit.If your project does not involve confidentiality, sensitivity or intellectual property, you should state clearly that no such issues exist.Using the skills audit proforma, break down your project into stages, assess your ability to complete each of these stages with the skill set you currently have.If your audit indicates you require skills development, indicate how you plan to acquire these skills.You may choose to complete some approved statistics units as you can enrol in up to 24 points of coursework units if the specified coursework units are necessary for completion of the degree program. A free statistical advice clinic is offered by the Centre for Applied Statistics which also offers regular statistics short courses.

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Your title can be revised over the course of your candidature.

This concise literature review should lead your reader to your research question.

You will be providing information that assists in understanding the significance of the work, strengthening a claim to originality and showing you have engaged with the relevant literature and can therefore justify the worth of the project.

Convince your reader that these techniques or procedures are appropriate for the type of study your are proposing and show how these distinct techniques will be used.

Because the person reviewing your research proposal is unlikely to have expert knowledge of your research field, it is highly recommended you mention research similar to your own that has successfully employed the same methods or methodology.


  1. Examples of research proposals taken from previous applications which may be useful to staff at York St John University when completing the proforma for.

  2. Your proposal needs to outline the nature of your proposed research project, identify your knowledge of existing literature and provide an indication of how you.

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